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What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts, also called "cage fighting" is a combat sport in which full-contact martial arts and disciplines from striking to grappling are used. The term Mixed Martial Arts was first formed after the first UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event in a review in 1993. The term MMA got popular and have risen above among other sports ever since. Mixed martial arts events can take place in almost every arena/ venue as there is a cage needed to be installed to the arena. MMA fights are typically consisted of 3 rounds but title fights are usually of 5 rounds. Every round takes 5 minutes and every break in-between the rounds take 1 minute, resulting the fights' length to be 8-9 in average. Even though most people think that MMA has no rules as it is seen as "human cockfighting" in many places, it has many rules and regulations in order to protect the health of the fighters, to preclude the perception of "barbarism and lawlessness" and to be recognized as a legitimate sport.


How does it do among other sports ?


MMA has been called the world's fastest-growing sport for many times measured by both participation and audience. Also according to Forbes, some of the athletes who generate tho most amount of income are MMA fighters among other sports figures. There are many factors that drive the success of MMA. One factor is the regulations which made the sport more palatable to the masses. Gambling and Fantasy MMA is another factor that drives MMA's success as it is easier to bet on fights than in boxing. One another factor is the excessive use of social media in the MMA world. Now that social media can reach anyone anywhere, MMA touches millions of people from fans to people who are not even close to the sport. An anticipated fight takes place and people who don't follow the MMA media get the news and it happens the be the source of many conversations in the upcoming days due to the popularity. 

Why people love it

People are driven for MMA as they feel connected towards a goal which they have for a fighter they support. Moreover, people basically wonder what happens when fighter with an olympic wrestling background faces a world class kick-boxer in the cage. How was a fighter going to be successful against another fighter with an eight inch reach advantage? Questions like these drives fight fans crazy. Witnessing spectacular athleticism and skill, pandemonium in the crowd and commentators with incredible knowledge breaking every action down makes any person trying to find out the answers to these questions hooked. Fighting is in our DNA and we love it!

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